What Passes...

So last night I watched the season three premier of Showtime's Lesbian soap opera, "The L Word". After last night's espisode, it's kind of a toss up as to exactly what the 'L' stands for. Tell, you what, heads it's Lame. Tails it Laconic.

After mini-series sized recap of the previous season the audience was treated to several minutes of the main characters listing euphamisms for genitalia. [sarcasm] Originality! [/sarcasm]

"Queer As Folk" was edgier and smarter. Dialog and plot content of "The L word" is what a network soap would be if every single writer spent every waking moment on valium and hired a porn director to make up for it. I've felt this way from about halfway though season one. With rare exception, the 45 minute show could easily be stripped down to 15 minutes just by cutting out awkward silent stares, dramatic pauses, and soft core porn.

The show is approximately 2/3 filler, but this is what passes for a good show in the lesbian "community". There are no other options to choose from, so the audience is about as demanding as a coma patient.

The majority of the characterizations posess the depth of a sheet of paper. And the funny part is that this series is supposedly acclaimed for being "bold" and "groundbreaking". And it is, in a world where "Queer As Folk" never existed. Post QAF, "The L Word" is just recycled tripe patronizing an audience that is rarely catered to. Also the actresses are really hot.

But three seasons in, the fact that I would love bang just about every member of the cast is really no where near enough to keep me watching.
You wanna see a good series on Showtime? Watch "Weeds". You wanna see a good series without have to shell out extra money for a subscription channel? Watch "Nip/Tuck", or better still, watch "Battelstar Galactica". N/T has all the originality and edge that TLW thinks it has. It has the soft core porn aspect, plus it has violence. Sweet!

And BG is absolutely the best show on TV. Hands down. I saw the season premier and I am so stoked for the rest of the season I can hardly contain myself. It looks fucking awesome. So skip out on TLW unless you're hard up for a weak soap opera that's got some hot girl on girl soft core. (Honestly if you're that hard up, you should probably just buy some porn.)

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