Out With The Old....

On the last night of 2008 let's look back 10 of the most awesome things the year brought us.

10.) We found Earth.

9.) The Piranha Party

8.) Sarah Palin went national

7.) Left 4 Dead

6.) Obzen

5.) Causes of the 1918 Flu pandemic identified.

4.) VI Day

3.) Anon declares war on Scientology.

2.) Rachel Lucas crushed my futile hopes.

1.) The Dark Knight

Obviously this list is ummm.... kind of last minute. So, okay. Maybe not the most awesome things of the year, but they're still pretty damn awesome. Happy New Year, guys. (All what? 2 of you now?) Party safe tonight and I'll see you in '09.


Well That's Not Good....

Earthquakes under Yellowstone. What's so bad about that? Just a little thing called a Supervolcano. Clearly this all Bush's fault.


The Awful Thing About Growing Up....

Is learning that your heroes are but mortals. Bettie Page is dead. Tonight I plan on meeting up with some friends and raising a toast in honor of the legend.

Thanks for everything, Miss Page.