Oh, For Pete's Sake

Disclosure: I do not do drugs.

That said,this bullshit is why the war on drugs is a scam. Look, so long as people want to escape their everyday lives people will get high on something. Hell, they're choking themselves unconscious and eating mushrooms that grow in cow shit to do it. This is not a behavior pattern that you can legislate or prosecute away, Attorney General Douglas Gansler. Selective criminalization is for all intents and purposes (excluding green pocket lining) arbitrary.

Pay attention. There were 22 shootings in Baltimore between June 14th and June 20th. What gives? Violent criminals too difficult to catch so the new plan is to create easier targets by criminalizing more teenagers and twenty somethings to justify next year's budget increases? Disgraceful.

Dude, Really?

Okay, I think the more pressing matter is what kind of moron keeps baby snakes in his pants pockets?


So BSG season 4.5 (Really, Sci-Fi...I mean SyFy (What douchey fucking name- it's like short hand for syphilis.)? Sorry, still a bit sore over their season breakdowns.) is finally out on DVD so my next acquisition phase has arrived. This round's 'To Do' list?

-BSG 4.5
-Replace Firefly and Serenity
-Red Faction

Dollhouse is also out, but I'm putting that down for the next round.


The End Is Nigh

I've joined Facebook. I know. I'm a little sick over it too.


Primary Suspect? The Shredder.

Apparently the Foot Clan is alive and well in Ohio. I mean who else would swipe a tortoise from the local zoo?

Zombie Robot Not Actually A Zombie

So there were jokes made, but the fact that Cyclone Power Technologies had to issue a press release to allay public "fears" is freaking sweet.

“We completely understand the public’s concern about futuristic robots feeding on the human population, but that is not our mission,” stated Harry Schoell, Cyclone’s CEO.

Looks the the Zombie Apocalypse and the Robot Holocaust are still separate calendar events, folks. Breathe easy.

Seven Dwarfs

Just. Just watch the trailer. "Eight dwarfs for the price of seven."

Thanks Chris.


So Sue Me

I know it's kind of lame, but every now and then I kind of want to be like this former Merrill Lynch turned professional Yo-yo person. What's the catch? I can't Yo-yo to save my life. At any rate, just look at dude go.

As Long As We're Talking About Russia

Putin's thugs continue to murder reporters and anyone else looking to turn Russia into a free nation ruled by actual laws instead of the whims/desires of the hyper powerful.

Hilarious And Tragic

I found this ad for AnastasiaDate while I was surfing the intarwebs and there's just something perfectly hilarious about it. I don't know. Just thought I'd share.


Looking Back

In honor of the fast approaching 40th anniversary of the moon landing, here's the first in what will be a series of articles retracing the steps we took to get there.


That's Not Creepy At All....

I mean a robot that can eat dead people for energy, what's to fear about that? Certainly not cyborg zombies or anything. I mean, yay technological advancement and everything, but is this really the direction we want to head in? Robots eating people? Maybe I'm crazy, but as cool as never having to charge my Roomba sounds, I don't want it to eat me to do it. Not even a little bit. This just has "Warning. Warning. Danger Will Robinson. Danger." written all over it. I'm just saying, when the zombie-robot apocalypse happens (and how do you prepare for that!? Robots? Prepared. Zombies? So prepared. Robot-zombies? The fuck!?) I'm totally going to say I told you so. From my undersea bunker.

*UPDATE* Here's more info on the harbinger of the end of the human race potential doom of us all the robot.

I'm Starting To Understand...

America's image problem overseas. I mean, what would you think of a people who bombarded you with things like this?

Oh Bother....

So I've gone and injured myself (again).


Hitchcock And The Symphony

Tonight the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra will be screening Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho and providing the soundtrack live. There are cooler things in life. But not many. I'll be jetting over to catch it immediately after work.


Taking A Break From...Well...Just About Everything.

So I've been enjoying the weather. It's been unusually pleasant here in Charm City this summer; typically by this time we're swimming in humidity with temperatures regularly in the 80's and 90's hoping that the drought will end, but this year's been mild and drought free- okay, maybe a little too much rain for my tastes, but you can't win them all.

I took some much needed time off from work, went to a few more ball games, made some (modest) progress on the novel, and pretty much ignored politics. I may be going on a legitimate (read: traveling) vacation in August which will (if it happens) produce another long-ish silence here. However, regular (albeit light) blogging will recommence from here on out. Still no blogging on Sundays or Mondays this summer- unless it's by cell phone which, dude, pain in the rear on my phone, but there will be blog(ging).

There will be no politics until I catch up on what I've missed (so think maybe sometime next week). There will be general interest blogging.

Sorry for not giving you folks a heads up, but burnout exploded in my face all of a sudden. (Seriously, this post is kinda wtf, right? Totally time for time off.) I'll try not to let it happen again.


Largest Movie Screen In U.S. Stops Advertising With Local News Paper

Baltimore is home to Bengies Drive In, which boasts the largest movie screen in the U.S. Bengies has been a Charm City staple since 1956 and continues to draw a capacity crowd. Hilariously, they no longer advertise with the Baltimore Sun because the B.S. is...well...bullshit.