Tis the Season...

The guys over at PA are at it again. You'll have to scroll down, but things are off to a good start.

Back On The Air....

Sorry for the long silence, but I've been unplugged for a bit. (My IPAQ was stolen three days after my freakin computer died. Oye!)
So....there'd be alot to cover, but what really requires saying? G.W. won. Awesome. While the election outcome was great for my faith in humanity, post election antics from both sides were decidedly not.
I have a new car. Not brand spanking new, but nice. I'm still working on some serious essays (research is slow gowing).

Last night I was writing in a bar (yeah, I know. Totally cliche. And I haven't even mentioned the yellow legal pad....) when this woman started talking to me. Well, long story short, without reading so much as a word of what I was working on, she made me a job offer.
I'll keep you guys updated on this. Could be interesting....
Me, a writer....Hah!