Looking Good....

Just finished watching the season premier of Showtime's Weeds. If you haven't seen Weeds, it's about Nancy, a suburban housewife-come widow, who takes to selling pot in order to support her family after her husband dies of a heart attack. She doesn't exactly like what she does, but she's good at it.
The show is hilarious in a bitter-sweet sort of way. Nancy's interactions with other people in the community (and often the interactions between other community members) provide most of the comedy. However Nancy's struggle to keep her family and her life from completely coming apart at the seems is the real heart of the show. It's the combination of those elements which makes Weeds a must see.
In fact, I dare you to try it. No peer pressure though. But you'll thank me later.


Party Census....

So I just got this year's Republican Party Census, and true to political questionnaire form the questions are designed to ellicit the "right" answers.

Here's my favorite:

"Do you agree with President Bush's call for a comprehensive approach to immigration reform that secures our borders, meets the Nation's economic needs and protects the rights of legal immigrants while not unfairly rewarding those who came here unlawfully?"

Too bad there's no option for "I would absolutely support such a call, if President Bush made it." Seriously, how does his amnesty policy fit any of those categories? I know someone out there is bound to say "illegal immigrants do the jobs that Americans won't do.", but that's horse shit. Illegal immigrants do jobs for less money than American's and legal immigrants are willing to accept. They stunt our economy, not drive it.

Don't know if I'm going to fill it out and send it back yet. The WoT section is worth giving them feedback on, if only to make sure that at least one party is committed to our victory in this.


From the Front Lines....

Israeli soilders on the realities of the war....

“It was hell. They are really well trained. They’re not suckers, they know how to fight,” said one, slumped on the pavement. “You’re scared the whole time over there. We didn’t get any sleep the whole week.” There was not a voice of dissent.

This quote at the end is a real gem though....

“But what is very important is that this is a just war on our part. Because they are a bunch of f***ing terrorists.”

I think that sums it up, quite nicely.


Good News Boys and Girls....

I haven't been the only blogger on.... vacation. Bill Whittle's been gone a while too. And the good news is that I'm not the only blogger who's back. That's right, Eject Eject Eject is back with all new material and Bill Whittle's talking about a new book.
He came back while I was gone, and already has a couple of new posts (including two new essays) up, so I'm just going to send you to the main page.

Coverage From Israel....

Atlas has been (and still is) touring Israel and her blog is full of excellent coverage, but today she's got some great stuff from the front line.

First the North, where yesterday there were over 230 rockets were fired at civilians and two Iranian missiles made it further into Israel than ever before. With each launch the barbarians learn more. Yesterday I spent the top of the day on the Gaza border.

It's a huge post with photos and video embeds. Get the full experience.

9/11 Loose Change Guys Laughing at Flight 93

These bastards are dispicable and there's a special place in hell for the lot of them.

Hot Air has installments 2 and 3. We all have to do our part to confront this insanity. The people who create and perpetuate it are probably beyond reason, but we can help the unfortunate people they fool.

To help you help others, check out Screw Loose Change.

I, For One, Am Shocked....

...simply shocked that this didn't make the MSM. /sarcasm

When live Jews can’t be found, dead ones are targeted. In Belgium last week, the urn that contained ashes from Auschwitz was desecrated at the Brussels memorial to the 25,411 Belgian Jews deported to Nazi death camps. It was smashed and excrement smeared over it. The silence from Belgian leaders following this desecration was deafening.

Lucky for us, Charles at LGF is on the ball.
Europe's color always was collaboration.

Into The East River....

In standard PC lip service, the UN claims that if we don't say that the Israel- Hezbollah war is about terrorism, then it isn't about terrorism.

It’s not helpful for it again to appear to be the team that led on Iraq or even on Afghanistan. It’s not helpful to couch this war in the language of international terrorism. Hizbollah employs terrorist tactics, it is an organisation however whose roots historically are completely separate and different from Al Qaeda.

I hate terrorism as much as any decent human being, so I'll give this a shot. This war is about Happy dragon daisy pants.... Nope. Still about Israel (and the rest of Western Civilization) fighting terrorists and terrorist states for the right to exist.

I provided a link to the whole thing, but I'm not going to tell you to read it. It'd just make you gag, and you can probably guess what it's going to say anyway. I mean, it is from the UN. I just posted it because I wanted to make that snarky comment about the happy dragon daisy pants.