New Web Comic...Well...Not Exactly

So I've been catching up on several web comics while trying to keep posted on the news. I'm also thinking about doing some sort of additional organizing of the link bar like by topic or something. Who knows? (Well, maybe The Shadow, but Alec Baldwin is a douche nozzle so whatever.)

So here's where I'm spending at least half of my internet time at the moment:

A Softer World
Penny Arcade
Tiny Kitten Teeth
Amazing Super Powers


Planck Telescope Sends Back First Images

Launched May 14th of this year, the Planck telescope is designed to give us more insight than ever before on the earliest moments of the universe by studying the Cosmic Microwave Background. Today that telescope sent back its first images. The BBC has a neat little story about the images and the telescope.

Constitution Day!

222 years ago today greatness got greater.



I gripe and bitch about Google's politics and business ethics, but they are where they are for a reason. And their latest unveiling is a fantastic demonstration.

Hat tip: Geeks are Sexy

Furry Animal Inferno

Io9 has a gallery of Luke Chueh's latest work- Dante's Inferno depicted with teddy bears and the like. It is kind of awesome.


Worst. Ninjas. Ever.

Seriously. Real ninjas don't have sword fights in the middle of the street because the whole goal is not to be seen.


Well That's Just About The Worst Idea I've Ever Seen

I mean seriously, using neurological scans to determine taxes!? Only a special breed of complete and total fucking moron can think that's a good idea.