Trials and Tribulations 2: The Vengance

So I'm still fighting regristration battles. Today is the final day of that.

I've defeated the evil thieves behind the plot to rob me of my hard earned cash. They've capitulated and returned my funds, though they still refuse to admit wrong doing. In fact they laughably act as though I didn't have to wage war on them for damn near a month to get what's mine. Still, that battle is finished and I have allied myself with others now.

Unfortunately I have yet another battle ahead of me, but it won't consume nearly as much time as the previous two. So I'll be back with yummy bloggy goodness later tonight/ early tomorrow.

Sorry again for the unschedualed break in programming.



Trials And Tribulations

Sorry for the absence, but between the on-going war with my now former bank over a missing pay check and several other things that I'm dealing with I haven't really had the time (and to be honest the inclination). I will return, but not today. Probably not tomorrow. You should check back on Sunday.

I need to invest in a punching bag.




There was no blogging earlier today because I was at the ball park. Camden Yards is truly a beautiful stadium. Plus the O's won today. 11 to 5. The weather was gorgeous. Pristine blue sky with huge white fluffy clouds. Brown dirt, green grass. The roar of the crowd and the crack of the bat. That special smell of fresh air, stale beer, peanuts, popcorn, and excitement. There is no sport quite like baseball and the baseball stadium is still the American cathedral.

I'm gonna scan the news, but don't expect any more posts today. If I see something that I just have to show you guys then I'll toss it up, but you can come back tomorrow and see it.



Know Your Enemy....

Yes, Frank J. has another installment. Of course it's brilliant!

Every time someone votes for a Democrat, baby Jesus cries.

Best. Reaming. Ever.

There's nothing else I can say except "I would so pay to see this press conference."

Press: “Mr. Ridge, how do you respond to charges that this security alert is really a scare tactic being used for political purposes by the Bush administration?”

Ridge: “Christ almighty, what is it with you people? You’ve spent a couple of years asking why we didn’t prevent 9/11, calling for an investigation, asking ‘how much did Bush know and when did he know it?’ You blamed us for something we failed to prevent after eight months in office, and yet to this day you give the Clinton admin a free pass, even though he had eight years—eight fucking years, people—to do something about al Qaeda and didn’t do one goddamned thing.

There's so much more where that came from. So read it. Now.


*Hold Music*

Sorry for the break in programming. Things have been hectic. I'll be posting late tonight. Until then, here's some hold music for you: