As Suspected....

Several months ago (not sure if I posted about it here or not) I went ahead and requested the free copy of the Qur'an that CAIR was sending out. Naturally it was part of a "understand Islam" thing that stemmed from some Muslim doing something that got Jihad watchers' attention.

I requested a copy for two reasons. One, it's the word from the horse's mouth. Two, I thought it might be a good idea to see what exactly CAIR was passing off to non-Muslims as the text of the Qur'an. Clearly, if they're passing off a sterilized version, then its usefulness is as a primary source is....well.... rubbish.

So it arrived sometime just after Thanksgiving and I put it on my book shelf. I had a some time today so I pulled it down to see if any editing had taken place and so far it looks.... thoroughly sterilized. I did a quick search to locate chapter and verse coordinates for some of the more questionable passages and upon flipping to them in the CAIR provided copy, nada.
The search I've done to point is in no way conclusive or thorough, but the preliminary findings point to CAIR having edited out every anti-semitic phrase in the book.

Even if there was no anti-semitism involved in the current practice of Islam it wouldn't justify editing it out of the book. There are numerous allusions to slavery in the Christian Bible and while slavery is universally condemned in Christian countries when missionaries hand out Bibles, they don't hand out books with all references to slavery omitted.

But anti-semitism is very much a part of current Islamic practice in much of the world so to remove the passages in the Qur'an which feed into that is damning evidence of the actual reasons behind CAIR's efforts. Clearly they are less interested in providing real information than they are in dispensing propaganda.

If my future findings continue along the lines of the ones I've already made then it will be further evidence of CAIR's malign intentions. For what purpose, if not profound, could drive a person or persons to so drastically edit their holy texts?

At any rate it looks like I'm actually going to have to go out and purchase a copy of the Qur'an in order to have my primary source, but I'm not sorry I requested this one from CAIR. It too will serve as a primary source, but not in the manner in which they intended.

Infidel One, signing off.