Anon Strikes Back

I just spent the last half and hour or so watching Twitter go crazy over Anon's response to the take down of Megaupload (currently trending under "the internet strikes back" at the time of this posting).

The call to arms went out earlier:

Here's the thing- this will probably prove to be counterproductive to yesterday's massive protests. Still, it feels damn good to watch the people hell bent on dismantling the greatest platform for free speech mankind has ever known get a little cyber cider in their eyes courtesy of Anonymous.

In case you were wondering? Some of the rat fucks behind PIPA are already running scared.


New Comic

I give you, Get your censor on


The problems with SOPA and PIPA are numerous, but they condense to one unavoidable point: Both pieces of legislation give sweeping censorship powers to corporations. This will not only increase self censorship- it will stifle future innovation and creativity by making the internet a riskier place to start new businesses, which in turn will lead to fewer and more cautious investors. This is actually what corporations like the MPAA and RIAA want. This isn't really about piracy because these bills don't really have chance at stopping piracy. This is about shutting down competition.

One of the founders of Veoh details how Universal Music (UMG) through a completely groundless lawsuit abused the DMCA and ultimately forced him to sell the start-up off in a fire sale.

Ars Technica is contributing to the fight against these two extremely dangerous pieces of legislation by arming the populace with loads of information.

Artists (you know, the "content generators" that SOPA and PIPA are going to murder the internet to allegedly protect) say that the bills would do far more harm than good.

Google has a take action page.

In case you're still unclear:

Alright, here's a song:

Finally, somethings never change (language warning):

Contact your Congress people.

Update: A host of webcomics are participating in the blackout strike.


Why I Love This Town

BPD were arresting a gentleman for- honestly- what the fuck ever because it's Baltimore. The interesting thing is that while they were cuffing the suspect a random dude attacks one of the arresting officers. The funny thing is that exact freaking thing happened in the very first episode of The Wire. I tell you, this town.


What I'm Currently Reading (and some other stuff)

Hope you had a fun and happy solstice and that 2012 proves better than 2011.

Since the DC reboot two things have happened. Thing the first is that my local comic shop closed. Lame. Thing the second is that I decided to just have the three (soon to be five) monthlies that I'm reading delivered. Thank you, Comix Zone. In case you were wondering? Getting comics in the mail is so very awesome.

Currently reading:
Wonder Woman
Super Girl

Will start reading this month:
Birds of Prey
Justice League

I am also using the hell out of my Crunchyroll subscription. No, I am still not watching Naruto. I am, however, watching Battle Girls Time Paradox which is kind of like someone was watching a lot of Koihime Musou and thought "Hey, why don't we do this with feudal Japan instead of just ripping off classic Chinese literature?". It's not as fun as Kiohime, but it's good. I just finished Murder Princess, which probably benefits from being 6 episodes long considering that it's fairly consistently meh. The animation isn't terrible, but it's not particularly good either. The plot is fairly predictable. The characters are unremarkable standard anime types. And while I will never stop wishing that Funimation would offer subs as readily available as their dubbed work, the voice acting in Murder Princess is acceptable. (Or maybe I mean that I wish Netflix offered subtitle options for more of it's instant selection?) It's pretty heavy on the romantic two girl friendship, which is something. I guess. So, Murder Princess: Come for the intriguing concept of a near death experience causing a princess to swap bodies with a bounty hunter (of monsters) and then convincing that bounty hunter to avenge her father's death and protect the kingdom, realize that the A-plot is pretty meh, then end up staying for the les yay (which is intense enough to practically be the B-plot). If you like that sort of thing.

I've been dragging my feet on finishing Geroge R.R. Martin's A Dance with Dragons because I have been informed that the end will make me want to punch Mr. Martin. More so than usual.

I finally finished Planetary. It took longer than I expected because something happened in the second volume that crawled inside of me and murdered something precious. That is not a complaint; it means that story was resonating with me. Still, it took me a while to get through that. Though I am pleased to say that volumes 3 and 4 resurrected that precious thing. The art is beautiful and the story is nothing short of amazing and ridiculously fun. Seriously, guys. Planetary is totally on my favorites list.

I have also been running around the land of Skyrim killing the ever loving fuck out Dragons and just about anything else that I come across. It is sweet.