I Had to Wake Up for This....

Today in class we discuss conspiracy theories. To be fair, it was brought up by several classmates. However, after letting several people ramble on about how the U.S. government is controlling the drug trade (including one gentleman who thought Iran-Contra took place in Cuba) there was no effort to address the statements made. So.... 15 minutes of conspiracy theories and no effort at damage control.

And people question the value of higher education....


But the Question is....

Since assuming office the first thing on MD Governor, Martin O'Malley's agenda has been the ousting of the State Superintendent of Education, Dr. Nancy Grasmick. Mind you, Dr. Grasmick is the reason MD schools are ranked 3rd in the nation. Just what could be the motivation behind publicly and irrationally launching an offensive against the head of the state's education system?

Well, I could call O'Malley a partisan hack, but that would be too kind. It's no secret, here in the old line state, that our current Gov. has dreams of Pennsylvania Ave. So maybe that in conjunction with the success H.R.C.'s campaign explains why he suddenly seems to have had a change of heart.

Primaries and the Elections

This is my first and last primaries post (and possibly my first and lest elections post). I was a Fred Head. That dream is dead. I'll hold my nose and support McCain instead.

But seriously, folks. Am I thrilled with McCain? No. But he's a damn sight better than Clinton or Obama. Just because I haven't thrown my voice into the discussion until now, doesn't mean that I haven't been paying attention. Generally speaking, I hear two reasons for why we should pack up our toys and go home: McCain is the same as or worse than Cli-Bama; and that the lesser of two evils is still evil.

To the McCain = Clinton/Obama people: I do not understand the world you live in. Other, bloggers with bigger readership and more respect have posted the facts. Reposting them here isn't going to make a difference. But maybe if we're all very lucky, in time when emotions have settled you'll look back on yourselves in these moments with more than a little humility and maybe a little embarrassment.

To the less evil is still evil people: Stop making the perfect the enemy of the good.

Here's the deal, if we lose the war against the Islamicists it won't be because they were smarter or stronger. It will be because we lost focus. And just in case you've forgotten (and I suspect that some of you have) if we fail here, we won't have a country left to fix (or ruin). I know it's unpleasant. Yes, it sucks. It's a lousy set of options we have to choose between, but that's life, and the real world, and adult-hood. And if you're sick of being lectured like petulant children who didn't get their favorite cookie for desert then start acting like rational adults who are deciding the fate of the free world.

Reign it in, people.


Turns out the CIA report which cooled so many heels on the threat of Iran's nuclear weapons program was worded less than optimally.

It turns out that on Tuesday, as our Eli Lake reported on page one of yesterday's Sun, the director of national intelligence, Mr. McConnell says he now regrets the phrasing of the unclassified estimate that so stirred America's enthusiasts of diplomacy.

Of course the only people who are probably surprised by this are the people who gleefully proclaimed egg to be on the administration's face. Anyone with a wit of sense realized that any time France agrees with Israel you should pay attention.

Hat tip: Glenn Reynolds


It Took This....

....to get me back.

4 undersea internet cables cut in something like a week. Speculation has been ramping up. I don't know what to make of it, but it stretches the limits of coincidence.

Hat tip: Vodka Pundit

Lawhawk is trying to make heads or tales of it. There are more links at Slashdot.

I suspect primary buzz is a major damper on this story, but it bears keeping a close eye on.