So I've Been Thinking

Maybe we should just let the whole thing burn. Hell, let's speed it up. Whatever you can think of to expedite the destabilization and ultimate implosion of the current system? Do it. Then we'll start over from scratch- hopefully having learned the lessons of our current failure. Well, either that or let's buy an island and anyone who seeks to make a servant of their fellow man is kicked off.

Merry Christmas and a much belated Happy Hanukkah.



"Good Morning Baltimore...."

In a Sheraton downtown- I mean right fucking downtown in the heart of the goddamn tourist district- a man was shot with a goddamn tech 9. I mean, Jesus fucking sonofabitching Christ, Baltimore.

This city fucking...just.

Every time I think I might not hate this city as much as I think I do Baltimore shows me that yes, yes I do hate it every last bit as much as think I do.

Frankly, when the worthless fucking shit stain gang members kill each other in their worthless fucking shit stain neighborhood I could give a rat's ass. Personally, I'm more than happy to let them kill each other off in their self created Mogadishu. I just wish they'd fucking stay there.

Because It's True

Holiday Retail.

*Update* The Enemy.



So I was reading some stuff which made me hanker for a chance to start the world over. You know:

And then I saw this:

Santa's from Gallifrey, y'all! It all makes sense! World is better.

2012. Comedy Of The Year.

Whether or not it was intentional the enfant terrible behind Hollywierd's latest special effects gang bang has actually created a parody of disaster movies. The over saturation and over extension of numerous tropes combines to form a veritable Voltron of comedy.

For starters this movie fails science- all science- for eternity. It manages to fail astronomy, physics, quantum physics, oceanography, volcanology, seismology, and geology. That list probably isn't comprehensive. Seriously a planetary "alignment" (which they also add the center of the galaxy too via opening shot because why not) causes "mutant neutrinos" to "heat up" (I can only guess that they mean more than its usual state.) the Earth's core which then causes the crust to slide around (once again, we can only assume that they mean more than usual).

The ensuing disasters provide a backdrop for a stretch limo to corner like a Ferrari, jump like...well like all Hollywood vehicles with a floored accelerator, and outrun...an earthquake. Also an RV outruns a volcanic eruption. Yes. You totally just read that.

This movie delivers (spoiler alert) a tidal wave capsizing a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean, a mysteriously filling compartment in order to drown a character of "dubious" morality, boats which look like the spaceships in Star Ship Troopers (the movie), a rich people suck plot, international government conspiracy, screw the poor, and die for our ship.

2012 could actually be the most brilliant comedy ever.


Kant Through Comics

Via Io9. Well, go and watch the video.

Living Down And Out In The Magic Kingdom, Bitches!

Well... sort of. Anyway, I just opened a Whuffie account.

And for those that don't know.

On Charities

Let's start with some local flavor:

This weekend (12/05/09) Midtown Yacht Club will be celebrating the repeal of Prohibition with a Toys for Tots toy collection/fundraiser. Period dress is encouraged. As an added bonus it will be held in the area (formerly?) known as the Spy Bar. Party starts at 9.

Also some idealistic young locals are trying to open a free "store". Good luck to them on that. (Their web site is having some issues at the moment so here's an alternate link.)

Now onto the international scene:

My new favorite charity ever?
A Chilean prostitute is auctioning off 27 hours of adult fun times to help out her country's disabled children.