"Good Morning Baltimore...."

In a Sheraton downtown- I mean right fucking downtown in the heart of the goddamn tourist district- a man was shot with a goddamn tech 9. I mean, Jesus fucking sonofabitching Christ, Baltimore.

This city fucking...just.

Every time I think I might not hate this city as much as I think I do Baltimore shows me that yes, yes I do hate it every last bit as much as think I do.

Frankly, when the worthless fucking shit stain gang members kill each other in their worthless fucking shit stain neighborhood I could give a rat's ass. Personally, I'm more than happy to let them kill each other off in their self created Mogadishu. I just wish they'd fucking stay there.


Kev said...

God. Dammit.

Amanda S. said...

Well said. But we're too busy about Shelia Dixon and her gift cards. Nevermind the people killing each other.

toaster lover said...

Dude, this city. The level of insanity seeps in- it infects you. When I was writing this post I was giving serious consideration to advocating cordoning off those pockets of 3rd world hell, issuing papers to those inside and only allowing them to leave to documented jobs and requiring that they're back in their hell by a certain time (say 7pm) and then I realized that I was thinking of World War 2 like ghettos and was horrified. That what this fucking city does to you. It makes you a goddamn fascist.

Amanda S. said...

Wow. Intense reply. lol!