On Comics

Credentials are in order, I suppose. I started off reading Spider Man back when I was a not quite so wee tyke. I dropped Spidey (and the rest of my Marvel reading) with the clone saga. I stopped reading comics for a number of years, but started picking up trade paperbacks some years back. I returned to monthlies (DC) three months before they announced the reboot.

Come September, I'll be picking up...well, I'm not quite sure yet, but I'll keep reading comics. I guess September will begin a chronicle of a lapse comic nerd trying to cope with the DCU reboot. To kick things off, we should start with my current pull list:

-Birds of Prey
-Secret Six
-Wonder Woman
-Batman Inc
-Power Girl
-Detective Comics

Anyone keeping track can see several problems coming down the pike in September already.

That said, TPB's that I'm catching up on:
-100 Bullets
-Wonder Woman (selected)
-the occasional impulse buy