Further Adventures of the Armed Gunmen in Gaza....

This is like what, the sixth time in four or five days that Palaswinians brandishing guns have stormed into a building. Generally they go for the PA "government" buildings, but this time there's a catch.

GAZA (Reuters) - Masked Palestinian gunmen stormed into a club for United Nations workers in Gaza City early on Sunday and blew up the drinking hall, in a new sign of growing unrest in the chaotic territory.

Once again these idiots demonstrate that they have absolutely no idea what side their bread is butterred on. Maybe they wanted more money....

The United Nations is generally viewed with sympathy in the Gaza Strip. Its agency supporting Palestinian refugees is among the biggest employers in the territory.

Oh wait, I guess they just wanted more jobs....

Get 'R Done....

Jerusalem Post says that we just might be a big dark scary cloud on Iran's horizon.

The United States government reportedly began coordinating with NATO its plans for a possible military attack against Iran.

Sounds like good stuff to me.

Everyone's just paring down the Der Spiegel article though.

According to DDP, during his trip to Turkey, CIA chief Goss reportedly handed over three dossiers to Turkish security officials that purportedly contained evidence that Tehran is cooperating with Islamic terror network al-Qaida. A further dossier is said to contain information about the current status of Iran's alleged nuclear weapons program. Sources in German security circles told the DDP reporter that Goss had ensured Ankara that the Turkish government would be informed of any possible air strikes against Iran a few hours before they happened. The Turkish government has also been given the "green light" to strike camps of the separatist Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) in Iran on the day in question.

It's pretty long, but I'd say it's worth a good skimming.
Just having this on the table is good way to ring in the new year in my book. But I'm generally in line with the Emperor regarding what this actually means.


Whatcha Gonna Do....

So I'm totally addicted to this movie.
It's not that good. I mean it's not terrible. It's quirky and cute and kinda charming, but real attraction is Jordana Brewster.
Seriously. I like totally had to install a liquid coolent system for my TV.

[Sarcasm] Well I'm Shocked....

Hold onto your hats kiddies, I have Earth shaking news [/sarcasm]

A poll carried out in the Palestinian Authority shows 65% support for Al Qaeda terror attacks on the United States and European countries - the biggest donors to the PA.

As if being taxed wasn't painful enough.... Nice to know that part of my paycheck is potentially paying for my own untimely end.

The poll comes at a time when US and European funding of the Palestinian Authority is at an all-time high.

Never fear, the LLL will still demand that it's not enough. [sarcasm] Because we all know that showering those swine with money will totally make them go away.... [/sarcasm]

With elections due to be held next month and the Hamas terror group gaining significantly in municipal elections and polls, the survey further illustrates the desire of a majority of PA Arabs to establish an Islamic state, similar to Iran. A whopping 79.9% of Palestinians would like the PA to follow Shari'a - Islamic religious law. Included in the figure are 11.3% of the respondents, who would like to see Shari'a supplemented by the laws of a PA Legislature.

[sarcasm] But it's just a small minority who are in the extreme. Most are moderate peace loving people. [/sarcasm]

Last month (November 18th), in a sermon broadcast on PA-controlled television, Islamic leader Suleiman Satari offered the following prayer:
"Destroy the Infidels and the Polytheists! Your [i.e. Allah's] enemies are the enemies of the religion…! Count them and kill them to the last one, and don't leave even one."

Religion of muderous shit stains.


Things have been insane. The retail holiday season is over and the return season has begun. My job has decided to recognize this fact by working me to death.
No shit.
You're probably asking what the hell nudged me out of retirement. Well it wasn't the news. The Religion of Murder is still a fecund pile of the decaying remains of what used to be a civilized and enlightened culture- in the Dark Ages. The left and right are still trying to imprison and pacify us (the left, to pwotect our fwagile wittle self image; and the right, to save our permanently indangered souls). And the press is still a heap of lying liberal asshats.
So what's brought me back? Well, I missed you guys. (I'm so totally talking to myself. Isn't it hysterical?) Plus I got a shiney new notebook for Chrismakkuh and a wireless connection. Ain't technology grand?
So I've been making new friends and going to new places. And trying to work my way into (or keep myself in, I'm not sure exactly which at this point) the good graces of a rather beautiful woman who has actually surprised me. A feat which doesn't happen often. I have no clue what's going on right now because every time I'm around her I totally dork the fuck out. Though I'm now resolved to cow...girl the fuck up and be. aggressive. b-e- aggressive.
Anyway I'll see yall later. And by later, I mean probably in a few hours.