Things have been insane. The retail holiday season is over and the return season has begun. My job has decided to recognize this fact by working me to death.
No shit.
You're probably asking what the hell nudged me out of retirement. Well it wasn't the news. The Religion of Murder is still a fecund pile of the decaying remains of what used to be a civilized and enlightened culture- in the Dark Ages. The left and right are still trying to imprison and pacify us (the left, to pwotect our fwagile wittle self image; and the right, to save our permanently indangered souls). And the press is still a heap of lying liberal asshats.
So what's brought me back? Well, I missed you guys. (I'm so totally talking to myself. Isn't it hysterical?) Plus I got a shiney new notebook for Chrismakkuh and a wireless connection. Ain't technology grand?
So I've been making new friends and going to new places. And trying to work my way into (or keep myself in, I'm not sure exactly which at this point) the good graces of a rather beautiful woman who has actually surprised me. A feat which doesn't happen often. I have no clue what's going on right now because every time I'm around her I totally dork the fuck out. Though I'm now resolved to cow...girl the fuck up and be. aggressive. b-e- aggressive.
Anyway I'll see yall later. And by later, I mean probably in a few hours.

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