Science Video Goodness

10 dimensions in 11 minutes is a nifty feat, no? But "String Theory" is still just a hypothesis. Granted it's a hypothesis with a lot of very pretty math behind it, but it's not testable or provable. Yet?

I Would Beta Test This...

...just for the chance to have done it. I mean, orbital sky diving?! How is that not awesome?!


In Case You're A Closet Steam Punker

Glasses with adjustable focal lengths (that don't look like driving goggles) are finally here. Personally, I think you should be out and proud with your dorkdome.

The Next Film On My List

I give you Vampire Girl VS Frankenstein Girl. (Campy gore warning.)



This short film is definitely not for the squeamish, but it's seriously wicked cool.

MANIFEST DESTINY from Darrell and Doug Waters on Vimeo.

From the creators:
Every time I find myself the recipient of one of these late night phone calls, tramping through some back alley behind another dark abandoned warehouse . . . Stuttering another secret password. . . Entering another hastily constructed operating room. . . Scalpel in hand, performing another indescribable procedure . . . I see another pair of eyes . . . By now in the hundreds . . . Staring . . . Whenever I try to sleep . . . Another member of an unenviable audience. . . Asking a painfully simple question for which I have no answer . . . Why . . .
Cranston says I need to “detach”. I suppose he’s right. I can no longer bear their judgment. I leave them here. . . On the table . . . As I scribble my signature on the confidentiality agreement, I leave them to their fate . . . I say goodbye . . .

News On The Latest Dune Movie....

but also, the image in this link is just...win. It's full of win.


Ultimate Staring Contest

Back From Vacation!

Had a great time at the beach, regular posting will resume as soon as I find something worth posting about. :)