Under Siege

Otakon is in town for the weekend. Staff rolled out the setup yesterday and today the hordes arrive. Here's the rub, otaku aren't the geekiest out there, but as a whole they're pretty grody.

Look, I'm just going to say it: There are a lot of geeks out there for whom the flak with regards to personal hygiene and social skills is not undeserved. In addition there is a particular brand of geek-girl who, by simply being very likely the only (but possibly one of very few) girl(s) that will speak to/associate with geek boys has essentially attained queen-b status. 90% of otaku fall into those two categories (oddly enough, yaoi fangirls not so much).

So, that's thing the first. Thing the second would be convention behavior for certain geek groups. Which, look, there's just something that happens when a lot of geeks come together and it's rarely pretty. Sure, I want to go to Comic-Con (I also want to go to E3), but it pretty much stops there. Those are conventions where the pull (in my book) is worth the horror show that is geeks en mass. I'm not saying they're all huge neck-beards. Most of them are quite average looking (cos-play aside).

At any rate expect photos over the weekend.


Good Morning, Baltimore!

A Hopkins researcher was robbed and stabbed to death walking home from Penn Station. Baltimore (or at least the part that's not, you know, killing people) is outraged that the murderous scum isn't just murdering other murderous scum.

The year so far.

(I'll post an image later. This comp is giving me grief about it.)

Chewbacca On A Squirrel Fighting Nazis

Really really! It's weird and awesome.


Science News Cycle

The awful truth.


L.A.B.W. has trailer goodness.

There Are No Words To Describe The Pure Awesome

SyFy makes me either giddy or mortified. This? So. Freaking. Giddy. I might even watch the movie.
Mega Python vs. Gatoroid - Sneak Peek

*added* I mean, what's better than a cat fight between washed-out pop starlets?

And Then There's This

While we're on the subject of Comic Con, I feel I would be remiss if I didn't point out that Fred Phelps took his trashy ass act to the convention- or rather the street outside of the convention, and Comic Con responded the way...well, the way only a bunch of geeks can:

I Will Go To Comic Con...

...at least once in my life. I will go because things like this must be seen live and surrounded by fellow geeks.

It's A Step

Anticipating Californians' passing of a law permitting casual marijuana use, Oakland (a "wretched hive of scum and villainy" to be sure) is working out how to tax it. My dig at Oakland aside, that's some rare good news to come out of Cali.

The End Of History, Indeed

The folks at Brew Dog are apparently to be watched out for. Plus? It's in a stoat.



Hot girl fights Germans, dragons, and samurai. I give you Sucker Punch. You watch trailer now!

Great News Everyone!

The U.S. Copyright Office has decided that it's no longer illegal for you to use your property like it's, you know, your property. I'm snarky, but only because it was fucking stupid in the first place.

If we were talking about an individual it'd be like "Well golly, is there something else you shouldn't be doing in the first fucking place that we can give you a medal for? Like not like not assaulting little old women?". But it's the government so we'd damn well better pat its idiot delinquent fucking head and give it a cookie so that it doesn't follow it up with taking a crap on the couch when company is over.

*Hat tip: Kevin

It's So Creepy

Also, Jonathan Coulton is awesome.


Sorry For That Earlier Post

So to make up for it here's our old friend Shiina Ringo (hooked up with Tokyo Jihen this time).

Watch Tokyo Jihen (Just Can't Help It) ~ Yukiguni in Music  |  View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com

I generally dislike Tokyo Jihen, but this bit really puts Ms. Ringo's talents to use unlike so much of what they do.

Again, sorry about earlier.

110 Million

*This is also why no one sings along to Dr. Wily's theme from Mega Man 2.


Oh, For Fuck's Sake

Maryland State Trooper caught with over 3,000 images of child porn on his computer. No, I honestly do not know what the hell to say to that.

Librarians Pokerface...

Don't know what to tell you.



So I'm trying to get into SyFy's new show, Haven, but it's just not holding me. Which is weird because it's components- at least a good number of them- would usually be a game maker for me. In the pilot we had a woman who controlled the weather with her emotions. Of course her story arc revolved around a dude running a con on her so... maybe it's just that Haven seems to be about making super powers boring?

I stopped watching Heroes because it was angst-ridden, repetitive, and direction-less, but at least it wasn't boring. It just sucked. So what does that say about Haven?

In all fairness only one episode has aired, but the pilot is your bait and hook. Haven's pilot just left me with a general feeling of meh. Decidedly underwhelmed would be a fine way to put it. I sat through a little under a season and a half of Dollhouse and that was really based on The Joss more than overall quality of the show. Haven doesn't have The Joss or anything even remotely comparable, so it has three more episodes to win me. That's about as long as I gave Painkiller Jane, which- to be fair- Haven is nowhere near that bad. (PKJ was so bad it was offensively embarrassing. Hell, I was embarrassed on behalf of everyone involved in that debacle.) Haven is just boring.

But in a show about a town of people, some of whom have super powers or something "boring" should never come to mind. Which brings us to something else. What the hell is Haven about really? We've met one character with super powers- maybe two? Our intrepid FBI agent isn't on duty, but on vacation to explore a possible connection between the town and her biological mother (our daring FeeBee having been raised in an orphanage). And her being sent to town for her initial investigation was apparently some sort of plot. That's a lot to pull together and nothing in the pilot built any sort of case for those things being anything other than a bunch of loose unrelated bits. Or maybe it did and I just missed it because there was something more interesting happening elsewhere. Like paint drying in the hallway.

Facebook Group....

OF DOOM!!! No. Really.


No Offense To This Guy...

...but his wife is clearly a goddamn lunatic. Seriously, if my scroll bar is anything to go by, then I've just scratched the surface of this article and I can already tell.

The very second she said, "I don't want to have sex until Bella does." (yes, from Twilight), he should driven them both to his lawyer's home address, rang the bell, and demanded that divorce papers be drawn up at once on the grounds of his wife's newly discovered gross mental instability.

Rocket Propelled Chainsaw

I have no idea where I'd use this or what I'd use it for, but I know that I want one.

Hat tip goes to Kevin.


Timing Is Everything

Mr.Smith Goes To Washington is on TCM right now. It remains one of my 3 favorite films of all time.