So I'm trying to get into SyFy's new show, Haven, but it's just not holding me. Which is weird because it's components- at least a good number of them- would usually be a game maker for me. In the pilot we had a woman who controlled the weather with her emotions. Of course her story arc revolved around a dude running a con on her so... maybe it's just that Haven seems to be about making super powers boring?

I stopped watching Heroes because it was angst-ridden, repetitive, and direction-less, but at least it wasn't boring. It just sucked. So what does that say about Haven?

In all fairness only one episode has aired, but the pilot is your bait and hook. Haven's pilot just left me with a general feeling of meh. Decidedly underwhelmed would be a fine way to put it. I sat through a little under a season and a half of Dollhouse and that was really based on The Joss more than overall quality of the show. Haven doesn't have The Joss or anything even remotely comparable, so it has three more episodes to win me. That's about as long as I gave Painkiller Jane, which- to be fair- Haven is nowhere near that bad. (PKJ was so bad it was offensively embarrassing. Hell, I was embarrassed on behalf of everyone involved in that debacle.) Haven is just boring.

But in a show about a town of people, some of whom have super powers or something "boring" should never come to mind. Which brings us to something else. What the hell is Haven about really? We've met one character with super powers- maybe two? Our intrepid FBI agent isn't on duty, but on vacation to explore a possible connection between the town and her biological mother (our daring FeeBee having been raised in an orphanage). And her being sent to town for her initial investigation was apparently some sort of plot. That's a lot to pull together and nothing in the pilot built any sort of case for those things being anything other than a bunch of loose unrelated bits. Or maybe it did and I just missed it because there was something more interesting happening elsewhere. Like paint drying in the hallway.

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