Required Reading

All right you filthy heathen hoard, there's a new Bill Whittle essay. Get your lazy heathen ass over there and read it. Read it all.



This post is just gonna ramble about for a bit. I had a really good day a few days ago. Not that the rest have been crap, but Friday was just freakin amazing. It all started when I went the market.
Who knew going to the market could be the highlight of someone's day? Two days ago I had to run to the market for something...pens I think. Whatever, the surprise came when it was time to check out. I was checked out by the most enthusiastic, happy, efficient, trainee I've ever seen. Plus she was cute, but the other three are really what did it. This is someone who's happy to be employed and that's always freaking awesome to see.
Then I had the comedic experience of watching my co-workers quake with fear over the prospect of having to use a computer. As the guy was explaining the new system, everywhere I looked I saw horror stricken faces. Their expression seemed to say "If I touch it, it'll explode....Oh God! I heard a tick! Take cover!" Joyous.

I'll be updating the links today I guess. Maybe. Have to do some cleaning first. I'll be back later though. Maybe.


Debate Post

So I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning to catch the whole debate. (C-SPAN got the hook up.) Now that I've seen it and gotten some sleep, what to say.....
Well for starters if I had used that time playing with virtual bubble wrap, it would have been more productive. I had already scanned what the blogs had to say, but I'm a big fan of first-hand knowledge (sometimes to my detriment).
How do I score it? *shrug* Sorry to say, pretty much like everyone else. Kerry on looks, Bush on content, not that that's saying much as how neither candidate really said anything new.


Alright, go on over to LGF, to see some on the spot fact checking on the debate.

'Tis The Season

Hey, I have tons of required reading for my classes, and I can't help but be the generous type....So..... I've decided to share the "wealth". Seriously, you'll thank me for this.

Not Exactly the Topic of the Moment....

I would love to blog about the debate, unfortunately due to my work schedual and my stupid VCR's not taping I haven't seen it. I caught the closing remarks (from about halfway through carrot...err....Kerry) and I've been listening to the remarks on C-SPAN while going through the "minutes" on sites (from both sides, thank you) that blogged it live. So probably nothing from me on tonight's debate. Hopefully I'll have worked out the issue with my current VCR (or purchased a new one) before round 2.
So in light of the above, I'm just going to state the obvious and proclaim my undying love for hot neo-con chicks. Or at least hot smart chicks. Especially if they blog.
By the way, they will be added to ol' link section when I finally get around to updating that this weekend (think Sunday).