Not Exactly the Topic of the Moment....

I would love to blog about the debate, unfortunately due to my work schedual and my stupid VCR's not taping I haven't seen it. I caught the closing remarks (from about halfway through carrot...err....Kerry) and I've been listening to the remarks on C-SPAN while going through the "minutes" on sites (from both sides, thank you) that blogged it live. So probably nothing from me on tonight's debate. Hopefully I'll have worked out the issue with my current VCR (or purchased a new one) before round 2.
So in light of the above, I'm just going to state the obvious and proclaim my undying love for hot neo-con chicks. Or at least hot smart chicks. Especially if they blog.
By the way, they will be added to ol' link section when I finally get around to updating that this weekend (think Sunday).