Party Census....

So I just got this year's Republican Party Census, and true to political questionnaire form the questions are designed to ellicit the "right" answers.

Here's my favorite:

"Do you agree with President Bush's call for a comprehensive approach to immigration reform that secures our borders, meets the Nation's economic needs and protects the rights of legal immigrants while not unfairly rewarding those who came here unlawfully?"

Too bad there's no option for "I would absolutely support such a call, if President Bush made it." Seriously, how does his amnesty policy fit any of those categories? I know someone out there is bound to say "illegal immigrants do the jobs that Americans won't do.", but that's horse shit. Illegal immigrants do jobs for less money than American's and legal immigrants are willing to accept. They stunt our economy, not drive it.

Don't know if I'm going to fill it out and send it back yet. The WoT section is worth giving them feedback on, if only to make sure that at least one party is committed to our victory in this.

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