Oh, For Pete's Sake

Disclosure: I do not do drugs.

That said,this bullshit is why the war on drugs is a scam. Look, so long as people want to escape their everyday lives people will get high on something. Hell, they're choking themselves unconscious and eating mushrooms that grow in cow shit to do it. This is not a behavior pattern that you can legislate or prosecute away, Attorney General Douglas Gansler. Selective criminalization is for all intents and purposes (excluding green pocket lining) arbitrary.

Pay attention. There were 22 shootings in Baltimore between June 14th and June 20th. What gives? Violent criminals too difficult to catch so the new plan is to create easier targets by criminalizing more teenagers and twenty somethings to justify next year's budget increases? Disgraceful.


Antinomian said...
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toaster lover said...

Thanks for coming by, but if you want to write an essay do it on your own blog.

toaster lover said...

But we do agree on several points.