It Feels Kind Of Wrong....

...to be celebrating news like this.

By early Thursday morning in had become clear that Hamas had shocked prognasticators by winning virtually all of the 66 seats in electoral districts.

But I can't help, but hope that maybe it means we'll finally wash our hands of the displaced Arabs and quit pressuring Israel into self destructive concessions. It looks promising. Israeli leadership has already stated that a Hamas led PA can't be trusted (like it could be trusted anyway), and President Bush has stated that the US won't deal with Hamas unless it renounced terrorism.

Regarding its future diplomatic policy regarding Israel, a senior Hamas official said recognizing and negotiating with Israel are "not on our agenda."

Yep.... I think it's pretty clear what's on their agenda.

Reaction from the White House looks good on paper, but Fatah is a terrorist organization too, and we certainly dealt with them. Still a girl can hope.

But Ms. Rice said that the international community had to send "a clear signal" to Hamas that it needed to drop its hard-line agenda.

"Anyone who wants to govern and do so with the support of the international community has got to be committed to a two-state solution and must be committed to the right of Israel to exist, must be committed to the renunciation of violence," she said.

On Wednesday, White House spokesman Scott McClellan was even more blunt.

"Hamas is a terrorist organization," he told reporters this morning. "Under current circumstances, I don't see any change in that."

And with words like that, hope isn't all that hard to do.

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