Sinking Deeper Or Just Rolling In It....

....either way Kuisling Annan is still a piece of shit.

In other words, as far as Annan is concerned, the problem is not that Iran has escalated the stakes. The problem is that involvement of the Security Council, which is supposed to be the "organ bearing the main responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security," is escalation. The U.N. chief aims to shift the dynamic from taking strong action against an Iranian madman, bent on nuclear proliferation and the obliteration of a U.N. member state, to placing roadblocks in the way of an American-driven effort to stop it.

Big surprise there, but I wonder if it's still "escalation" when we (or the Israelies, if we fail to act soon enough) bomb Iran back to primordial slime (they're alreay in the stone age).

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