I tend to not blog about my personal life. Really it's for two reasons. I suppose I'll elaborate on those reasons now- namely because several people have asked me about whether or not I blog about my personal life in the past few days.

The first reason is really that, I can't write about people that I know without feeling a little weird. (If you take note, the few times I do blog about my personal life, I don't mention names.)

The second reason is that if I'm gonna blog my life, I might as well write a sitcom script for Logo. And that's a blow to heavy for even my ego to handle. The part of me that fancies myself a writer cannot abide the idea that that writer is a washed out Hollywood hack. (Though my life alla sitcom would be infinately more dynamic than 'The L Word'. Unfortunately there would also be less sex. Sad, but true and mostly my fault.)

All of that to say that...I may.... may... blog a little more about my personal life. Not a lot, but a little bit more about my immediate surroundings.

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