New Study Shows Baby Boomers Still Clueless....

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Adverts increase usage of a product? You don't say! I hope someone tells the corporations about this before they find themselves with more money.....

Honestly, talk about a non-story if ever there was one. Good fucking grief. If I'm reading this right, then the study was basically a survey, where the contributing questions to their graph were something like:
1.) How many ads for alcoholic beverages do you see over x amount of time?
2.) How much do you drink over y amount of time?

That sounds kinda like a correlation study to me (also because I don't know too many parents of minors who are willing to send their kids off for some potential boozing in a well controlled study). That doesn't really indicate cause and effect, so much as that there might be a relationship between the two.

That being said, the fact that in the US the only recreational thing for most kids between the ages of 16 and 20 to do, is go to the mall probably isn't a contributing factor at all. Nor is the fact that a growing number of malls are banning unsupervised teens, I'm sure.
And it can have absolutely nothing to do with the fact that we treat alcohol as taboo when coming to young people, because young people aren't rebellious at all and consequently have no interest in breaking taboos.

And Gee, that's just off the top of my head. Give me a fucking break. People need to get a grip.

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