Bush Administration Pisses Away...

...a perfectly good opportunity to drop all funding to the displaced Arabs.

RAMALLAH, West Bank -- The Bush administration is spending foreign aid money to increase the popularity of the Palestinian Authority on the eve of crucial elections in which the governing party faces a serious challenge from the radical Islamic group Hamas.

That's right, instead of letting those syphallitic goat fuckers elect the shitbags of
Hamas and thereby prohibiting us from further dealings (not to mention funding), we're throwing more money at them. And at the PA no less, which we just don't wanna call a terrorist organization. Fuckers.

U.S. and Palestinian officials say they fear the election, scheduled for Wednesday, will result in a large Hamas presence in the 132-seat legislature. Hamas, formally known as the Islamic Resistance Movement, is at war with Israel and is classified by the U.S. government as a terrorist organization. But its reputation for competence and accountability in providing social services has made it a stiff rival of the secular Fatah movement, which runs the Palestinian Authority and has long been the largest party in the Palestinian territories.

Fatah? Secular? Well....okay, I mean they're cool with female homicide bombers. This is retarded, this is a perfect opportunity to just wash our hands of the displaced Arabs and committ to being pro-Israel (which we should have already done). Instead, because we don't like the candidate we're gonna funnel money to (read: interfere with) their election. Well, golly ... I wonder who we'll be funding during the next elections in France and Germany. Equal opportunity and all....

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