Those Crazy Displaced Arabs....

Everybody's a target for these guys. Even Egypt.

RAFAH, Gaza Strip (AP) — Palestinian militants angry at the jailing of their leader by Palestinian police stole two bulldozers Wednesday and rammed through a wall near the border with Egypt, hours after they blocked the official border crossing and took over government buildings.

[sarcasm] Well that's rational thinking for you. Your leader imprisons a criminal, but you disagree with it, so you attack someone who has nothing to do with it. Yep. Makes sense. [/sarcasm]

The gunmen, who belong to the Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, a violent offshoot of Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah Party, rammed through the massive wall as a show of force against the Palestinian Authority. They had not breached a second wall directly on the border with Egypt.

[sarcasm] Ah, I see. Your chief complaint being that your leadership isn't strong enough, you resolve to make it weaker because that will totally fix things. I love these guys. [/sarcasm]

Of course mixed in with all of this hilarity is another alleged kidnapping attempt. This time the potential "victims" were the parents of one St.Pancake.

In other chaos, Palestinian gunmen burst into a Rafah house early Wednesday and tried to kidnap the parents of Rachel Corrie, an American who was killed in 2003 as she protested the impending demolition of a house in the southern Gaza town, according to a witness.

Wait. That's....that's still funny. Leave it to the LLL to love an idiotarian asshat flavored pancake.

But it gives the USA Al-Jiz an opportunity to parade that asshat again, right before the obligatory smear on Israel.

Also, Israeli opposition lawmakers demanded authorities quickly finish an investigation into new bribery allegations against Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and announce the results before Israel's March 28 elections.

That's right, an entire article devoted to the sweeping chaos engulfing the Displaced Arabs that has just recently become apparent to the rest of the world, it is somehow appropriate to toss in six paragraphs on the Sharon's questionable financing practices. [sarcasm] Oh. I get it. Whatever happens in the Middle East, from tire fires to rioting Displaced Arabs, it's all the fault of those Jooooos. [/sarcasm]

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