When The Going Gets Tough...

...The UN gets going *hat tip LGF*.

The United Nations has decided to move 20 people working in UN facilities in Gaza - about a third of its foreign crews - to the UN headquarters in Armon Hanatziv in Jerusalem. The other 40 non-Palestinians working for the UN in Gaza will remain at their jobs.

For now at any rate....

The transfer was ordered by Peter Hansen, UNRWA commissioner general in Gaza, who is also responsible for the security of all the UN organizations operating in the strip. According to a Hansen spokesman, the transfer of the 20 was the result of "the security situation in the area of the Erez Junction and Beit Hanoun, where IDF forces are operating and which endanger the movement of UN people entering and leaving Gaza."

What?  Did you really expect the UN to admit that they're being forced to flee from the barbaric pig-children they continue to insist on coddling?  Not when they can blame it all on "those filthy Joos".  
But it looks like the UN's not really fooling anyone except for the screaming moonbat brigade (and all that really takes a big puppett and a catchy slogan).

But other international groups operating in Gaza said that the real reason for the redeployment of the civilian foreigners is the deteriorating security in recent months, and particularly the events in Gaza last weekend when French aid workers were briefly kidnapped by armed Palestinians.

My, that does seem to be a more likely reason....

Head on over to Haaretz for the full story.

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