Nothing Shocks Like Truth

...At least, that's how I see it.

At a closed meeting held recently in New York, UN ambassadors from Arab and EU countries met and the Arabs made clear that they do not accept the initiative for the UN General Assembly to condemn anti-Semitism.

The blunt language used by the Arabs describing their opposition, and their plans to use diplomatic means to prevent the resolution from reaching a vote, shocked the Europeans, said a UN source....

I honestly believe that the greatest shock to them was that they really weren't that surprised. The trouble with pretending to be completely ignorant of reality is that on some level you will always know exactly what the truth of a situation is.

The source said Kidwe attacked the content of UN Secretary general Koffi Anan's speech to the seminar last month, particularly Annan's pride in the cancelation of the 1975 Zionism equals racism resolution. "The Europeans were depressed when they left the meeting," said the source.

[sarcasm] I really don't see what would possibly be depressing about being confronted by your own beliefs stripped of their double-speak and evasive politeness. [/sarcasm] Let us not forget that "The Europeans" have consistently tried to enact measures that would leave Israel deffensless and at the mercy of her enemies (who surround her). Let us also not forget the rise in anti-semetic incidents in Europe and the lack of action taken to put a stop to it. I'll bet the Europeans are depressed. After all, no one likes to be shown their own demons by those they look down on. (And treating grown ass people like children- which is what liberal policy comes down to for the most part- is looking down on them.)