The Beginning

This is the first post at THoRA. I'll still post on R.A.H. (which will turn into more of a personal blog) and skullcrusher.tk (a new rant is in the works), but this will be the main focus of my efforts right now. There will be something for all my readers here. Fans of skullcrusher.tk will appreciate the revival of my non-politcal and often humorous side. R.A.H. fans will see more fiskings and a healthy dose of anger and bile.
I'm starting a new site because I think it's appropreate at this juncture. Skullcrusher.tk was my introduction to the public and technically my first shot at blogging. Some of you may remember that the original version of the site actually included a blog, the main purpose of which was to keep my friends posted on my doings and such (in light of my seeming inability to remain in contact with people for prolonged periods of time). Skullcrusher's blog was axed during the first real over-haul of the site and for a while I contented myself to simply rant.
Somtime after Skullcrusher was replaced by R.A.H., I was making a random trip around the internet when I stumpled apon neo-con warblogging. Whis was an eloquent demonstration that blogging wasn't just sad something-teens to (even sadder) forty-somethings writing emo lyrics on myjournal.com; there were actaully intelligent emotionally healthy people discussing intelligent things. Until that point I had made an effort to keep skullcrusher.tk a-politcal, primarily because until that point every politcal discussion I had seen on the internet was just an excersise in retarded irrationality. I didn't want to sound like those morons so I just kept my mouth shut.
Now that I had proof that politics could be discussed on-line in and intelligent and rational manner, politcs started to leak into skullcrusher.tk. I recieved...numerous communications that I return to my comical raving format and R.A.H. the site was born. Skullcrusher.tk went back to cedic anger and R.A.H. became my politcal pulpit of sorts.
R.A.H. was my tool for getting a real feel for blogging, a place for me to develop my style and subject matter. However R.A.H., while predominantly political had no real focus or at least no stated one. Also, for the most part, R.A.H. was a place for me to play around with the styles of other bloggers to see what I like, what I didn't, what could work for me, and what I'd need to change. I think of it as building an assembly kit out of their blogging styles, from which I could complete my own style that would mesh with my writing style (run on sentences) and personality.
I think that I've found my style at this point and so I'm giving that style a fresh slate. Any fine tuningcan be done here, but the actual discovery portion is complete. So what can you expect to find at The House of Righteous Anger? First and foremost this is a place of reason. This will serve as a front line in the war against the irrational and the illogical. That means that this is also a site that glories in humanity and what it meanst to be human. This is a site for optimists who believe that the natural state of man is free and that the system which best secures that so far is the one we have right here in the good ol' USA.
You might be wondering why this is called 'The House of Righteous Anger'. The answer is simple- any rational person can't help but be angered (enraged even) by the pervasive irrationality that surrounds us day in and day out. This anger is righteous because it rail against the very antithesis of what it is to be human. It challenges that which would have us under the whip in some neo-dark age or dead.
So welcome to The House of Righteous Anger, where man is king, reason is the force by which he rules, and comedy is a splendid way to pass the time.

P.S. As I become able to actually fund this thing you'll see some structural changes (hopefully for the better) and some visual flourishes.