Number One Reason...

...For finding alternative fuel sources is that we might finally be able to give this halfwit tribal throwbacks what they continually ask for:

"We ask you to leave Iraq," the message said. "If not, we will turn your homeland into a bloodbath. ... We will shake the ground under your feet as we did in Indonesia, and the car bombs will not stop coming, God willing.

Honestly, sometimes I think we should've just concentrated on finding a workable alternative fuel source and run with it. Then we could destroy every western technology in the swamp of the Middle East (obviously, Israel, being essentially a western nation is excluded from this) and leave them to rot in their own obsoleteness. Ayn Rand made a great point in 'Atlas Shrugged'. Sometimes the best way to defeat your enemy is to give them exactly what they're asking for.

Of course when I get in these moods I generally realize that we'll gain more through the road we're currently taking than we would through the road I would find a vengeful comfort in.

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