Random Complaining

Maybe it's the fact that I'm well read and relatively intelligent and maybe it's that my brother is a film major (or maybe it's both), but nine out of ten lesbian films suck. And I mean leaps and bounds beyond any rationality suck. They either lack production quality, writing, cast, or any combination/all of the above.
This surely has to be aided by the fact that the target audience is already a low percentage of the population and the intelligent portion of that small portion must be exceedingly small. (This also happens to be my trouble with dating, but that's something we're not getting into.) Michael Moore makes movies for stupid people and you see what he's managed to do to the documentary genere. Just imagine what could happen when you have additional room for creative license. It's not pretty, I'll tell you that.
You get porn that looks like an art house reject, drama that looks like crap I got E's on in fourth grade, comedy that makes the late night WB look like genius, and action is simply non-existant.
And if the movie selection is terrible then the book selection is worse. Don't get me wrong, there are a few good writers out there, but for the most part I'd rather listen to angry liberal "poetry" than read lesbian fiction. It takes a special derth of talent to fuck up onimonipiea (sp?), yet there are published writers who have done it.
I don't know, I guess I'm just irritated because I can't find anything good to read or watch right now. Bah....
Plus, I'm not looking forward to my marathon biking tomorrow. My car is in the shop and
B-more has the worst mass transit system. Ever.
I'm sure you're tired of my griping, so I'll call it a night and see yall tomorrow. Never fear, tomorrow will be the usual stuff from me.