Well It's About Time....

I suppose the Red Cross is expecting aplause or something so here it is: three sardonic golf claps. Not a damn bit more. I'm sorry, but I just can't muster up the ability to toss out a few back-pats because the Red Cross after 60 years, couldn't find any more reasons to drag their feet on Israel's admission. I'd say "congradulations" to the Red Cross for finally doing the right thing, but this is so long over due, and that pc flag is such a slap in the face that I'm having difficulty with that too. The muslims get their cicle, the christians get their cross, but the star of David is "offensive". Bullshit. The Red Cross ought to appologize to Israel for 60 years of aiding and abetting blatant anti-semitism, but that, apparently, is too much of a step in the right direction.
Still, congradulations, Israel. You've deserved it since day one, and today you finally got it.

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