New Human Rights Commission...Same Old UN....

Atlas has an excellent post on the latest addition to the allegedly improved UN Human Rights Commission.

While Kofi takes the time out of his busy pilfering and extorting schedule to smear Israel with the Gaza beach Pali Arab murders, see who is sitting on the *NEW*, *IMPROVED*,"human rights" (more like human deaths) council -- check this out (hat tip Norman);

UN rights council 'mockery'

The Iranian prosecutor implicated in the death of Montreal photojournalist Zahra Kazemi is part of a delegation at a new UN human rights body that was created to replace a commission widely discredited for allowing human rights abusers too much power.

Go read the whole thing. Seriously, isn't it time we put that very valuable NYC realestate to good use? Let's get the UN out of our country and our country out of the UN.

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