Couldn't Pass This Up....

I know I said that I was taking a break from the political stuff for a bit, but I couldn't not comment on this.
Yesterday the right-wing Michael Moore released her new book. Of course I mean Ann Coulter. And yes, it is typical for her work.
To promote the new book, she's been making the media circuit and naturally controversy follows in her wake.
Matt Lauer
Hannity and Colmes
Why break my vacation for this as opposed to the terrorist ring busted in Canada?
Simple, Ann Coulter is an excellent example of what's wrong with political debate in America. The solution to the left-wing pundits who use bits and pieces of truth to create a larger lie isn't to engage in our own dark magic. When our opponents trade in falsehood and untruth we have all the more obligation to deal squarely with the facts.
Ann Coulter's sensationalist tactics draw attention, but they do nothing to add to the quality of political debate.
However there is something to be said for the fact that while we have to put up with Ann Coulter, a large and vocal number of people on the right see Ann for what she is and proclaim her as such. Where as the left embrace and swoon over the likes of Michael Moore, Noam Chomsky, and Robert Fisk.
Still the most upsetting aspect of Ann Coulter is the clear intellegence and talent that she has and chooses to abuse so she can engage in a hard-liner circle jerk. Ann Coulter has the ability to be a top notch pundit providing much needed quality to political debate, instead she makes herself content to be a troll.
The by-product of this is that we lose the very real point that she was trying to make regarding the MSM treatment of wives and mothers of dead soilders who use their status as a grieving relative to speak out against the war. (How's that for a run-on sentence?) Ann Coulter is right, in so far as the MSM and a large portion of the left hold these women above reproach or debate because of their status as bereived relative. If anyone aruges, the left comes back by throwing that person's grief up as some sort of shield. "How dare you question their opinions because they lost a husband/son/daughter." However Ann Coulter's bating rhetoric tends to cause people to foam at the mouth- which is exactly what she aims to do. But she does a disservice to whatever point she makes, no matter how correct she might be.
Michelle Malkin
has some additional input on the sanctity of victimhood for the left.

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