So I've just spent the past few minutes going over my old sites. I'd like to think I've come a pretty long way since Skullcrusher and R.A.H. Skullcrusher was full of vitrol and rage, which was to be expected. I was 19/20 when I was writing it. Juvenile would be an understatement, yes?
R.A.H. was my first effort at real blogging and I think that at the beginning my admiration for the people I was reading (and for the most part am still reading with addition of a few new brains) drowned out my own voice on the majority of that site. I re-read my first post here at THoRA and while I've absolutely failed in keeping up my previous two sites, I think that I've succeeded in establishing my own voice for the most part. I think that I really just out grew Skullcrusher and R.A.H., so it's good that I'm no longer posting there. It'd only serve to hold me back. But one of the things that I haven't done here is talk about my home town. I'm gonna try to work on that. Don't get me wrong, I still want to get the hell out of this city, but it also has its good points. I'm going to try...not to be even handed,....but to be honest about it.
It's been an interesting ride so far, and if there's anyone out there (which I tend to doubt) thanks for sticking with me so far and I hope you stay around. I'm just warming up here and things are only gonna get better.
So if you're out there, thanks for stopping in. If you're not out there yet, I'm sure you will be, so thanks for stopping in.

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