Hello Pot, This Is Kettel....

Oh shock of shocks.... /sarcasm. More rage from unwashed masses over the cartoons.

A mass demonstration of 100,000 Muslims will take place in London next weekend as anger continues over publication of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed.

Alright, this is just getting boring now. I mean isn't there anything else for them to protest yet? How about the fact that in the English language a 'q' is always followed by a 'u'?

Faiz Saddiqi, the committee convener, said: "It is a peaceful protest. We will not let it be hijacked by the fringe elements.

Okay dude, you are a fringe element. You live in a free democratic western society and you have your panties all up in a twist because that country refuses to act like the third world hell holes you and your 100,00 fellow jerkoffs hail from.

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