Oh, It's British...Thank God.

So I wound up with a free ticket to Imagine Me and You last night. To be fair to all involved, I went to this movie with my general philosophy that lesbian movies suck. And then the opening credits started and the movie turned out be British. Thank God. So instead of having to endure three hours of sloppy and superfluous camera work, ugly casting, and just all around shabby writing, I was treated to 90 minutes of plesant and charming. The cast is beautiful, the camera work is clean, the writing is good. The movie manages to be both laugh out loud funny, and honestly touching. I suspect that it's because the movie is just a good romantic comedy that happens to be about two women. Whereas, American lesbian movies are like "GAY! LOOK! IT'S GAY!". Then you get three hours of sunlight streaming through trees for no reason other than the director was like "Ooo, pretty...", and crazed bug-eyed aliens assaulting defenseless Earth women. (Note the insect beast in the center.) I enthusiasticly recommend seeing 'Imagine Me and You'- especialy if you think that most American lesbian films suck.

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