Idiot Alert....

New York couple confessess via law suite to being to stupid to realize that their dog should chew food before swallowing it.

The maker of Greenies, the nation's best-selling dog treat that has been blamed by consumers in several pet deaths, plans to clarify feeding instructions and increase the print size on packaging, which included a small-print warning that gulping any item can be harmful and even fatal....

....A New York couple has filed a $5 million lawsuit against the company over the death of their miniature dachshund, Burt.

It gets better, because you know what's currently on the package?

....The directions tell owners which size Greenie is right for their pets' weight and instruct them to watch pets to ensure they chew the treat adequately.

But still too difficult to grasp.... Astonishing. I'd be embarrassed, but these asshats....

"If they did this with kids, they would be out of business," Tayman said.

I hope that doesn't mean this guy is shoving large chunks of food down his kid's throat.... Chew before you swallow. It applys to things with teeth. Dogs have teeth. Ergo, dogs should chew before they swallow. Simple, no?

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