Wait. What. Just...Why?!

So in a handy little helping of "Why the sweet baby Jesus would you do that!?" I give you a link to the free ebook, Marienbad My Love*, the world's longest book.

Also? Here's what the "author" has to say for himself.

I think my summer reading project will be making my way through this monster. According to TVtropes' so bad it's horrible entry on it (4th entry down), not a word of it makes a lick of sense. Don't worry, I'll be sharing my trials and tribulations with you lovely people. So...I guess that means it's new tag time! I kind of want it to be something descriptive of what I'm sure will be the coming brain melting, but we'll just settle for MML.

I'll be starting the title today.

*Shortened- the full title is 60 pages long. No, really.

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