More Truth In Advertising

So the following monstrosity greets weary travelers as they exit Baltimore's Penn Station:

Right. Just take a look at that sucker.

This isn't exactly new. It's been up since June of 2004. Not exactly to rave reviews. In fact, I don't really think I can say I know a single person who doesn't hate it.

But you know what? It has it's...value merit worth purpose it serves a (dubious) function well. Namely: Truth in Advertising.

This is Penn Station:

Not a bad looking piece of architecture there, right? Classic. Elegant, even. Now, just think about the fact that this piece of shit:

was plopped down in front of that gorgeous building.

The inside of the station has the same classic feel as the outside, so when people leave the station to be confronted by that...thing, they tend to have certain reactions.
1. What the shit?
2. You can't tell me someone thought that was a good idea.
3. I hope you horse-whipped the bastards.
4. How long until it's gone?
These sentiments also happen to be very common when confronting Baltimore as a whole.

Furthermore, the glaring horror of that "statue" (and the process by which it came to be) right next to Penn Station (and, ironically, mere blocks from Maryland Institute College of the Arts) is sort of a Baltimore in miniature, where no matter how nice of a neighborhood one may find oneself in, it is almost a certainty that one is no more than 3 blocks from The Wire.

So, bravo, hideous eyesore joke of a public art piece and your horribly humiliating location (also visible from a major highway). And bravo to you, cabal of tasteless bastards, who got it there.


Amanda S. said...

I HATE that thing. The French who hate the Eiffel Tower need to take a deep breath and thank their lucky stars. You don't see the French putting up something like this in front of Notre Dame....

toaster lover said...

I've actually heard people describe that thing as an act of terrorism.