Weekend Stuff

I'm kind of a horror movie buff, so this weekend I'm totally looking forward to catching Sam Raimi's new flick, Drag Me to Hell.

It's nice to see him taking a break from turning Spider-Man into an emo loser getting back to his horror roots.


Kev said...

I have extremely high hopes for this. And they may be unrealistic. But dang it.. This is what Sam needs to do. This and The Shadow. And Ash vs Freddy vs Jason.

Amanda S. said...

HAHAAH! Spider-Man 3 was a total cry, emo fest. I just find the guy who plays his friend utterly attractive, so I tolerated it. But I'm a bit scared of this movie...tell me all about it tomorrow if you catch it tonight! Bright and early, coffee in hand.

toaster lover said...

Sorry to say that I actually spent the weekend in various phases of painkiller induced sleep thanks to a nasty hand injury. Articulation slowly returns though.