Federal Witness Placed In Cell With "People" He Was Testifying Against

And that's only the beginning of the funny.

So, this gang member, Van Sneed, is supposed to testify against three other gang members who were charged with drug conspiracy....and killing witness tampering. These four worthless wastes of life are then locked in a cell together and a fight ensues. Oh, and Sneed's greatest claim to fame? His appearance in the Stop Snitching video.

Honestly, if it wasn't for the collateral damage, I'd say let the scum wipe each other out.

Hat tip, Steve


Hammer said...

I wish we could lock all the crips, bloods, kings, ms13 etc.. into a big stadium and come back a week later to see how they fared.

toaster lover said...

I wouldn't be opposed to scattering a few boards with nails in them around the stadium to expedite the process.