So it's Friday night, you know what that means. BSG post time.

The hull breaches and a Six reaches out for the man she was just bitching at about bitching. I like that part especially as a mirror of Razor when Hoshi reaches out to Kendra Shaw at the end of the world; the shepherd is dying and a sister who was an enemy reaches out to a brother who is now a friend. She dies and damn, but Tricia Helfer makes me love every Six.

Saul Tigh is amazing. Ellen Tigh pulls him through again. Reminds him that he helped father a race.

Boomer may finally do something to earn redemption. I like the Casablanca take on redemption that this show has- redemption is about finding something greater than yourself to commit to.

Finally, Kara Thrace is not a Cylon, a hybrid, or cybrid. Though we still don't know what the frak she is. (I would like to say "I told you so.")

One episode in two parts over three hours to go. Boom, boom, boom.

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