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This isn't the universe where SyFy is mysteriously less geeky than Sci Fi.

If the NBC subsidiary wants to attract a non neck-bead having audience then maybe they should drop wrestling and the ghost hunters crap. Additionally, it'd probably be a just swell idea to not spend the entire Saturday line up running whatever low budget shit Euro flicks they can get their hands on for the change they found last night's trouser pockets.

Hate to break it to the geniuses over there, but 90% of their original "movies"(I don't watch them all so I'm being really conservative with that estimate) are just as bad as the grade F Euro flicks.

The Stargate concept is dead. The tits dried up on that momma cat and rotted off with the closing of Atlantis. Let it go. But not for another Pain Killer Jane- which, by the way, was quite possibly the worst thing I've ever seen on television. Congratulations! No one wanted to watch it, but what was your brilliant idea? Did you decide to drop it early? Pretend you never thought of it (the best solution, I think)? No! You, in your infinite fucking wisdom decided to run it every day. Why!? I mean, I get that Kristanna Loken is tall and blonde, but even Terminator 3 realized that Jennifer Lopez could out act her so her only tasks were slowly stalking about the set looking "menacing". You, friggin prodigies, decide to make her the main character in a poorly conceived attempt to serialize yet another one of your shitty "movies".

You want an audience that doesn't spend their free time drawing their D&D characters? Try not treating your network like a fan service station. Your scheduling sucks. The parts of your line up that are worth watching are Battlestar, Eureka,.... Trying to think here. I mean, I'm being nice giving you Battlestar as how they just ran their series finale last night, but I figure knowing you guys you'll try to pimp made for tv movies out of it until its shriveled and dessicated corpse turns to dust. Dresden Files can't really be mentioned because you don't even re-run the one season you shot. (Pain Killer Jane, really!?)

I've already spent more time on this than I intended, but if you think the razzle dazzle routine of a new name and a shiny new logo is going to solve your problems then you're more clueless than our current President and that's saying a lot- that guy couldn't even figure out region coding on DVD's.

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