RNC Shocked To Discover It's Steele not Steal

What I find absolutely hilarious about this is that when Michael Steel was being floated around as a possible VP pick during the '08 campaign I remember commenting on several occasions that he wasn't particularly impressive (to put it mildly). In fact, he was pretty worthless as Maryland's Lt. Governor. Not because he did a bad job at anything, but because he didn't do anything. Wikipedia credits him with reforming Maryland's Minority Business Enterprise program and chairing the Governor Erlich's Commission on Quality Education in Maryland. However, exactly what those things accomplished is questionable as how they didn't even make Fox New's short biography on him, though that biography does manage to list just about every other aspect of his career.

Being a Marylander I'd see Michael Steele in office, so when his name started popping up as the possible head of the RNC, I was pretty sure there were better candidates. Look, Michael Steele is a smart man and he'd probably do pretty well as a political author or something, but as head of the RNC he's sucking massively.

Granted he hasn't been in office that long, but in the interest of being bi-partisan, neither has our Presi-Jesus, and I certainly don't cut him any slack. Get it together Mr. Steele or step down and let someone else do it. Time's ticking.

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