Oh No....

Well, this episode can best summed up as WHAT THE FRAK!? I knew it was going to hurt, but I didn't know that it could hurt this much. The following is basically a giant spoiler for last night's BSG episode so skip if you haven't seen it.

I started writing one post when Starbuck found her corpse in the burned out viper cockpit. I scrapped it completely and started writing a new one when Dualla shot herself. I threw my hands in the air in complete surrender when Admiral Adama said "I don't frakkin know."

Dualla. She called both of the Adamas back to themselves when they needed it. Reminded Bill of his promise. Reminded Lee of his purpose. She was a compass that always pointed true. On the nuclear wasteland of Earth you saw despair in those eyes for the first time. When she sat with Hera for Athena and Helo it felt off, but you needed to believe it would be alright and so you did in spite of your misgivings. And she glowed so brightly that night with Lee. Even Gaeta said so. She kissed Lee goodnight. Goodbye. She said she was proud of his speech. It looked like life. It was a goodbye party. Her blood on the floor, surrounded by weeping and pleading family. Her family, bargaining against the grief. For her life in the only words they know "medic" and "please", knowing she'd already gone.

Bill. The president, his sine qua non, has given up. She looked into herself and saw nothing left to burn so she burned her prophecies. His compass gone now too. And he doesn't frakking know the why of any of it. But he's tired. As he walks down the hall you see the Galactica has broken out in chaos. What would your home look like if you suddenly placed it and everyone in it in hell? That's what the Galactica looks like. Bill walks past two of his men fighting in the hallway. He has something more pressing to attend. He's given up too. It takes Saul Tigh to haul him back from the edge.

Also, Ellen Tight is the final cylon? Starbuck, what the frak? D'Anna said fuck you, clown, and the circus you came in with; she's not taking this ride again.

There's so much to get a handle on. I'm still kind of in shock. At any rate, I can't wait until next week.

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