Tonight the journey continues. Season 4.5. The re-watch is on track. I'll watch the final episode of 4.0 when I get home from work. It should wrap up half an hour before the new episode. I am ridiculously excited. And as you can tell, the opening of the second half of the final season means getting back to regular BSG blogging. So even if nothing else is going on here, you can at least expect that much from me.

If you haven't gotten through The Ties That Bind in season 4.0 then you should probably skip over the rest of this post.

Let's talk about Cally for a second. For a long time Cally was my least favorite character on BSG. Out of all of the stories and character arcs that we explored hers progressed the least. Did it progress at all? I don't know. Even Dualla grew. Cally never did. She shot Boomer. And honestly, I've never forgiven her character for that. She ate and talked and joked and worked with Boomer for two years. Lived with Boomer for two years. And she shot her. And not once did she look back and question that. Not once did she stop and think to re-evaluate her premises. When The Ties That Bind first aired, I actually cheered at the end. I'm sorry for that.

Let's talk about Cally for a second. She joined the fleet to pay for dental school and the world ended. And Cally stood her post. Remember when D'Anna made that documentary about the men and women of Galactica? That statistic Gaeta gave her? Not one person aboard Galactica asked to be discharged. That includes Cally, folks. This scared little girl who wanted to be a dentist and the world ended. She loved the Chief. The Chief loved Boomer, a friend who turned into an enemy who then shot Adama- shot dad. Eventually she married Chief and they had a son. New Caprica was a nightmare. When we find her in season 4 she's depressed. On anti-depressants and not sleeping. Paranoid and even more scared than she's ever been. And she's always been such a scared slip of a girl doing grown-up things without thinking grown-up thoughts or feeling grown-up feelings. And her dream which was going bad becomes a nightmare. Cally never learned to burn off what didn't work. I'd like to think that she found some sort of peace or grace before she died, but I'm not sure she did. But I cried this time around. For the little girl floating frozen and alone in space.

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