If you ever had any reason to doubt the sheer partisan nature of the Pravda on the Hudson this should make the picture perfectly clear.
The same news paper that's been screaming quagmire and calling for our immediate cut and run from Iraq is now calling for more troops.
The Dem's get congress, the Hudson Pravda wants increased troop levels.  Maybe the media isn't as naive as we here on the right have been saying. 
But that's a mixed bag.  What that means is that the liberal press has been knowingly sabotaging the war effort in a shameless attempt to manipulate the election.  Do you really think that the anyone suddenly woke up this moring or yesterday morning and said "Holy crap!  Jihadi's!"  Of course not.  To borrow from the political opposition: The MSM lied and troops died.
The Hudson Pravda engaged in a systematic campaign to destroy the resolve of the populace to continue the War for Western Civilization so the Democrats could gain control of congress.
Repugnant.  Now that the Democrats have won, they seek to un-do the damage they wrought.  They know how important it is that we win this war, yet they were willing to sabotage it.
Another round of cancelled subscriptions? I certainly hope so.